Founded with an appreciation that our mind, body, brain, and spirit are intimately intertwined, and impacted upon, by one another. 


Our practice is geared towards those who are committed to moving forward, to the possibility of not just surviving but thriving. This kind of work can be a game changer, and open you up to new possibilities in multiple aspects of your life. 

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We work together as a team towards cultivating your increased self-empowerment and self-acceptance. 

Jennifer Wolkin, PhD

Jennifer Wolkin, PhD

Founder, Principal Therapist

Dr. Jen is trained as both a health psychologist and a neuropsychologist. These dual specialties attune her to the way in which your personal biological, psychological, and social frameworks affect your overall wellness. She places a strong value on your unique contexts, and therefore, your work together will always be custom fit to your individual needs.


  • Exploring how stress, limiting thoughts and beliefs, coping styles, unhelpful long-standing behavior patterns, and other factors play into your everyday and overall functioning.
  • To guide and collaborate with you to create a toolbox of personalized coping skills, which you can ultimately take outside of my office and into your more fulfilled and healthier life.
  • Using cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness-based techniques along with the healing potential of the arts, including prose, poetry, and music.
Sydney Rose, MSW

Sydney Rose, MSW

Joined the Practice in 2019

Sydney offers over 10 years of experience bringing mindfulness-based interventions to individuals and groups. She has taught at colleges and universities and worked with consulting clients in non-profits, businesses and spiritual communities.


  • Using mindfulness to work with people who are struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma and chronic pain.
  • Working with couples who want to use mindfulness to break free from habitual patterns of relating and find new ways to communicate more authentically. 

Dr. Jen is excited to welcome Sydney as she joins the practice part-time to learn more about the BrainCurves Methodology in Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and Biofeedback.

“Through meditation practice, mindful living, and self-expression, I learned to embrace all of myself. Since my mindful practice journey has improved my own wellness, I use it to inform the way I work with my clients. Now, when I meet with my clients, I combine my more formal scientific training with my innate desire for artistic expression in order to help heal mind, brain, body, and spirit.”

– Dr. Jen Wolkin