My Practice Philosophy 

Thank you for your interest in my bespoke private practice, located in the heart of Manhattan. 

I founded my practice with an appreciation that our mind, body, brain, and spirit are intimately intertwined, and impacted upon, by one another. Therefore, it is my goal to understand each of my clients from a truly holistic perspective. With that in mind, I focus just as much on your strengths and talents as I do on your challenges.

I am trained as both a health psychologist and a neuropsychologist. These dual specialties attune me to the way in which your personal biological, psychological, and social frameworks affect your overall wellness. A lot of my work includes exploring how stress, limiting thoughts and beliefs, coping styles, unhelpful longstanding behavior patterns, and other factors play into your everyday and overall functioning. I place a strong value on your unique contexts, and therefore, our work together will always be custom fit to your individual needs.

My practice is geared towards those who are committed to moving forward, to the possibility of not just surviving but thriving. This kind of work can be a game changer, and open you up to new possibilities in multiple aspects of your life. We work together as a team towards cultivating your increased self-empowerment and self-acceptance.

I am committed to providing not only my professional credentials and experience, but also my personal passion for wellness, respect, and sensitivity to the unique challenges you are facing. It is my goal to guide you and collaborate with you to create a toolbox of personalized coping skills, which you can ultimately take outside of my office and into your more fulfilled and healthier life.

In my practice, I draw heavily from such tools as cognitive behavioral and mindfulness-based techniques. Yet, I also involve the healing potential of the arts, including prose, poetry, and music to our work together. My passion for combining my more scientific training with my innate desire for artistic expression has inspired me to create a blog and online community space called BrainCurves®.

I’ve found, both personally and professionally, that a key element in living our best lives is finding a like-minded community in which we can support one another through healing thoughts, words, and ideas. Whether you decide to work with me clinically or not, I encourage you to please join me by sharing your voice with the BrainCurves® community.

I look forward to meeting and working with you! Please contact me to schedule your appointment today.


Jennifer Wolkin, PhD