Speaking and Workshops

In addition to a private practice located in Manhattan, I offer custom BrainCurves® Wellness Workshops.

My workshops are particularly popular with businesses, corporations, mental health organizations, institutions devoted to art, theatre, and dance, non-profits, schools, and athletic teams. Expert wellness workshops provide an excellent way to increase morale and enhance performance of employees, artists, athletes, and students.

What I offer can include a one-time presentation or a series of hands-on training and company wellness challenges with lessons in mindfulness meditation practice.

Below please find my most sought after workshops and presentation topics. Please note: every workshop can be tailored to your specific audience as per your request.

I look forward to working with you!

Workplace Wellness

Cultivating work-life balance through mindful living

Living a Two-Brain Lifestyle

Nurturing lifelong wellness via the gut-brain connection

“Where Did I Leave My Keys?”

How to sharpen our memory as we age

Healing from Trauma, Growing from Grief

The possibility of both healing and growth from trauma and loss

Mindful Matters

Mindfulness beyond a buzzword as a vehicle for fostering mind-body-brain wellness

Living With The Threat of Living

Dr. Wolkin’s toolbox of techniques to cope and thrive with chronic pain

Please contact me today to get started, I look forward to meeting and working with you!

Jennifer Wolkin, PhD