In today’s day and age, “mindful” and “mindfulness” have become often meaningless buzzwords that are used colloquially. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if many of you have been told to “Be Mindful.” Yet, do we really know what it means to truly be mindful or to cultivate mindfulness?

There is a lot of variance regarding theoretical and practical definitions of mindfulness, which is why it is a particularly ambiguous concept. Yet, a vast literature of controlled studies have found that being mindful (i.e., practicing mindfulness meditation) is related to improved mental health across a variety of disorders, including different anxiety disorders, depression, eating disorders, substance abuse, trauma, and chronic pain symptom reduction.

What makes my mindfulness course unique is that I am dedicated to offering you the science behind my lessons, and a hands-on training approach. I dip into the scientific research studying mindfulness, translate its jargon, and share the bottom-line take-home message. I want to lay out for you in tangible terms why mindfulness practice is essential for thriving and kicking butt at life!

I look forward to working with you!