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I offer an array of single courses and multiple course workshops created for your specific needs.  These workshops are particularly popular with all types of businesses, corporations, and organizations wanting to kick-start a Wellness Revolution.

Lately, I’ve spoken a lot about Wellness in the Workplace for corporations desiring to create more community and lift morale. Additionally, I teach at the University level and often I am hired to consult with professors who want a change from “talk and chalk” lectures!  I work with you to transform your lecture into a creative haven of motivation and momentum.

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  • My workshops, which include “lunch n’ learns,” are particularly popular with business, corporations, organizations, and schools.
  • An expert wellness workshop can be an excellent way to increase morale of employees and/or students, and enhance performance.
  • What I offer can include a one-time presentation to a series of presentations/experiential trainings, and company wellness and mindfulness meditation challenges. It’s up to the needs and budget of the company.



Here are but a few examples of workshops I’ve either given, or will give in the near future. Again, these are just examples of titles, as every workshop is tailored around your needs and are created specifically as per your request.

Workshop 1: Motion is the Magic Potion: Exercise Your Way to Wellness

Do you feel stuck or stagnant? If you find yourself tethered to your couch, your body and mind are calling for your attention. This course can help you take action. We’ll look at ways to flex your mind and body, and give you tools to propel your whole self forward, and soar!

Workshop 2: Leave Boredom & Burnout Behind: How to go from Surviving to Thriving

Some of us live just to get through the day, and then from weekend to weekend. What would it feel like to find your inner rhythm, your own special flow? In this course, we’ll look at the research behind living your best life, and we’ll use experiential mindfulness exercises to expand your motivation, broaden your scope of possibility, and discover what makes you tick. Let’s go from just surviving to thriving.

Workshop 3: Beyond Descartes: Blurring the Line Between Mind and Body

The term “mind-body connection” is now en vogue, but what is the connection and how can we nurture this partnership? This course will explore the science of the “stress response” and the “relaxation response,” and how we can learn to listen to our bodies and utilize coping skills to instill calm and healing. Come, and bring your body, mind, and spirit!

Workshop 4: How to “Feng-Shui” the Grey Matter: Spring Cleaning for Mind, Body and Soul

We all need to make mind-space by clearing ourselves of negative thought patterns and beliefs, our self-defeating inner voice, and the “mind clutter,” which comes about when we can’t find any stillness from within. Just like we de-clutter our homes, organize our offices, and engage in spring cleaning, “Feng Shui-ing our Grey Matter” is crucial. This course will give you tangible tips to clear your mind and make space for more positive energy.

Workshop 5: Mindful Matters: Integrate Mindfulness Practice into Every Aspect of Your Life

Has anyone ever told you to “be mindful”? Being mindful has, at this point, become a true Western colloquialism. But, what does it mean? This talk will define mindfulness, describe its myriad psychological and cognitive benefits, and teach you all the skills you need to optimally stop and smell the roses!

Workshop 6: Routines not Extremes: How to Set an Intention and KEEP it!

When you have a wellness goal, there’s often a temptation to plunge right in, sometimes to an extreme. How can you translate your healthy intentions into a manageable routine? In this course, we’ll discuss ways to progress with your goals steadily, one building block at a time. Like a musician, we need daily practice in order to maintain our health. How can you practice your own music of wellness?

Workshop 7: You Said What?: How to Sharpen your Memory as You Age

Everyone’s concerned about our memories as we age. Whether you’re working or retired from your profession, you never retire from your mind. This course will give you cutting edge research updates and practical tips to sharpen your memory as your enter your golden years. *Remember* to sign up!

Workshop 8: “I’m Not Crazy, I’m in Pain”: Psychological Aspects of Chronic Pain

After this course you will be able to:

1. Briefly explore the definition of chronic pain and its historical transition toward the current biopsychosocial model

2. Learn to identify the psychological aspects of pain

3. Choose appropriate multidisciplinary treatment and intervention

4. Cultivate more self-compassion in the context of a still stigmatizing society

Workshop 9: The Stress -Free Paradox: Live in the moment and Don’t live in the moment

Coming Soon

Workshop 10: Create Space by Setting Limits: Why setting boundaries lighten our lives

Coming Soon

Please contact me today to get started, I look forward to meeting and working with you!


Jennifer Wolkin, PhD