BrainCurves: Mind-Body-Brain Wellness for All of You

BrainCurves=Community. Community=Brainspiration.

BrainCurves is a community of women who want to embrace all aspects of who they are: including our uniquely feminine neural tracts curving through our brains, AND the uniquely feminine curves of our bodies, no matter what shape or size.

It’s a space for all women and all of our supporters to inspire accurate and accessible wellness ideas as we journey together towards a more holistic, healthy, and happy life!

All of my training and especially my time spent as the psychologist at a specialty center for women’s health, has given me a front row seat to the different biological, psychological, and social factors impacting upon our minds and our bodies. I also see firsthand the kind of stigmas that still exist today in our society with regards to women’s wellness.

Creating awareness around the fact that both men and women need specialized care and guidance is crucial. Wellness is hands down, always fostered most efficiently and effectively when it is tailored to each of us and all aspects of us.

There are many factors that have held us back in our pursuit of a holistically well life, including our mindsets, the thoughts we engage with, and the core negative and limiting beliefs about ourselves that we’ve adopted.

I’ve found, both personally, and professionally, that a key element in living our BEST lives is being a part of a like-minded, safe, stigma-free nonjudgmental community. In addition to the support, validation, and comfort that a community can generate, it can also profoundly cultivate within us a sense of belonging, purpose, and meaning.

So, join me on this journey, let’s embrace all of our curves!

Let’s Thrive,

Dr. Jen

How can YOU take the Journey with BrainCurves?