Meet Dr. Jen

Hi, my name is Jen, and I am a NYC-based licensed clinical psychologist, writer, speaker and professor.


I’ve embarked on a personal and professional journey during which I set out to mash-up my more formal scientific training with my more innate desire for artistic expression in order to heal mind, brain, body, spirit.

This began to manifest in the way I collaborated with my patients in their healing, as well as the way I sought out my own.

You see, my training and work afforded me a front row view to the need for women to embrace all of themselves with nonjudgmental acceptance. Yet, it is my personal experience that has truly embedded within me a passion for holistic wellness.

I know what it is like to feel alone, stigmatized and judged, because I’ve lived with chronic pain for more than half my life as a result of sports injuries.  I thought that if I was to be taken seriously, as a woman, a doctoral student, and a practicing psychologist, I had to stay silent. Yet, worse than the pain was the keeping of it all inside.

Fast forward a few years and I have changed the course of my life. In searching for a way to heal my pain, I came across practices such as mindfulness meditation, yoga, and gratitude, and have met many women going through similar difficulties.

I learned to embrace all of myself; the body that felt as if it betrayed me, and the mind that judged me. Unexpectedly, I realized that engaging in these restorative coping skills, not only was my pain lessened, my life opened up with opportunity in a way I never could have dreamed.

All of my work has finally culminated into BrainCurves: Mind-Body-Brain Wellness for All of You.

Growth happens slowly, but steadily, and is a lifelong pursuit. Let’s journey together, one step at a time, in the context of a community of like-minded women, and all of our supporters.

Let’s Thrive and Embrace All of Ourselves,




Dr. Jen