I offer the following supervision and consultation services:

Clinical Supervision:

  1. Clinical Psychologists interested in Health Psychology and/or Neuropsychology specialization.
  2. Social Workers and other mental health professionals who need clinical supervision.


Clinical Consultation:
  1. Health Psychology and Neuropsychology Case Consultation with: psychiatrists, neurologists, GI-specialists, clinical psychologists, social workers, other mental health care specialists.
  2. Consultation regarding the psychological aspects of pain with: pain management professionals.
  3. Specific Consultation with GI specialists regarding the integration of CBT into treatment of functional disorders.


Academic Consultation:

1. Curriculum Consultation/Design for all grade-levels for the following courses:

  • Health Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Clinical Neuropsychology/Neuropsychological Assessment
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Theory and Practice
  • General Assessment
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology